Posted by: mattbrownmusings | 18 April 2011

Book Review: Max on Life

“Max on Life” seems to be a culmination of the 20+ years that Max Lucado has spent in his ministry.  In it, he tackles a wide variety of life issues including relationships, God, prayer, work, and the afterlife.  The book is written entirely in question and answer format, with approximately 175 questions that Lucado has collected through the years sorted into seven alliterative categories.  His answers are brief, typically between a half page and one and a half pages.  The majority of responses are guided by scripture citations.

I have mixed emotions about this book’s format.  On the one hand, Lucado deals with such a broad scope that the book does not dig deeply into the toughest of questions that are presented.  But on the other hand, the simplicity of Lucado’s responses is modeled after the simplicity of the gospel message.  With the variety in subject matter, I found some of the sections more interesting and applicable to my life situation than others.  In all cases, though, I was satisfied with the responses Lucado provided in terms of their basis in scripture, and glad that he did not leave questions unanswered or generate even more questions in his responses.

With its broad scope and somewhat shallow depth, the book makes for an easy read and can be taken in short sittings, or left for weeks and then picked back up again.  Perhaps its best use is as a study reference; the book is well indexed with both a topical index and a scripture index, allowing it to be used to map present day life issues with scripture.  Readers who are looking for detailed, in-depth treatment of a specific issue should not expect to find it here.  But, for each question and issue Lucado provides a thoughtful, biblically based response.  Overall, I found it to be an enjoyable read and am glad to have it in my collection for future consultation.


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