Posted by: mattbrownmusings | 12 October 2010

Back on the Horse

You may have noticed that after a couple of years of silence, a random post popped up here recently.  I feel inclined to comment.

There are a few reasons why this blog had no visible activity for so long (I feel a bulleted list coming on):

  • Available time for blogging: My family has grown since I started this blog from one boy to three, all under the age of five currently.  You can imagine that blogging has been far from my list of realistic priorities.
  • Perhaps a bigger stumbling block, perfectionism: I am blessed/cursed with the affliction of perfectionism.  In the past this has caused me to be paralyzed to prolific writing.  Or, I spend too long trying to figure out how to say what I want to say.  This is something I’m gradually letting go of as I approach my thirties.
  • And of course my non-spontaneous nature: I am not usually a spontaneous person.  I like order in my world, and I like to try to know what I’m going to be doing several steps down the road.  And prolific blogging I think comes at least in part from a spontaneous nature.
  • I could probably come up with another reason, but for the sake of actually publishing this post I’ll stop here.

So those are the reasons why the blog was dormant.  Now for the reasons why there’s at least one, now two, and perhaps even more new posts (yay, another opportunity for a bulleted list).

  • I want to become more spontaneous, and I want to be less of a perfectionist.  I see this blog as an opportunity to pursue spontaneity, and a chance at letting go of certain details and just clicking the publish button.  I will do my best to avoid mediocre writing and (warning, cliche approaching) use the 80/20 rule to help churn out glorious web content for the masses.  Perhaps the biggest lesson I’m learning over and over again is that I can’t fully control everything that happens in my life, and some spontaneity can be a good thing.
  • The specific reason for my previous post is that I stumbled upon a website called “book sneeze” wherein you can sign up to receive free books if only you agree to review them and publish your review on a blog.  Being somewhat of a miser, this idea appealed to me.  So if nothing else, you can look here for periodic reviews of the free books I’m receiving.
  • Rats, I’m out of reasons why I’m blogging again.  Here’s something worth saying: a good bulleted list has at least three bullets.

There you go.  I will now proofread this post for spelling or grammatical errors, and subsequently click publish.  You’ll be glad to know that I’ve only been typing for about ten minutes.  (After proofread, total of fifteen minutes.)


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