Posted by: mattbrownmusings | 6 October 2010

Book Review: Your Money God’s Way

In “Your Money God’s Way” Amie Streater provides a bold summary of biblical teachings related to personal finance.  The book is written for Christ followers, although its principles would well serve a broader audience.  Frequent use of scripture verses along with common-sense principles help readers absorb what is being taught and keep it centered on God’s teachings.

Streater covers seven “money myths” that she has seen plaguing Christians during her time as an associate pastor of financial stewardship.  These mental traps are what keep Christians from living within their means, and ultimately from fully using the resources that God has provided to them.  One myth she addresses is the false thinking that money will take care of your problems.  Another trap is mistaking a well-intentioned desire, such as being a stay-at-home mom, for a message from God when, in reality, the idea simply doesn’t make good financial sense.  The book concludes with a treatment on creating a simple budget which will help readers of various financial situations strive to reach the next level and better use their resources for God’s glory.

One aspect of this book which I adore is how it implicitly encourages Christ followers to use their God-given ability to think and make reasonable decisions, rather than being paralyzed to false thoughts.  The sense of responsibility it instills in the reader is extremely pertinent in today’s culture.  I highly recommend this book to any Christian who is interested in being financially stable and, more importantly, living the truth that their monetary resources are solely a gift from God.


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