Posted by: mattbrownmusings | 23 August 2008

Goodbye Leroi

This week, the community of jazz saxophone players lost a prodigious peer.  Leroi Moore, a founding member of the Dave Matthews Band, passed away unexpectedly due to complications stemming from an ATV accident earlier this year.  Read more on the band’s website or on any number of other news sites.

I feel that I must offer some thoughts on this untimely passing.  I did not know Leroi personally, and have nothing to offer regarding his life as a man; I did however know him very deeply in a musical sense.  In the midst of a decade-old summer, I was introduced to his musical group, and was immediately drawn to their unique style.  As a budding saxophonist, one of the big draws for me was the jazz influence which was brought to the music, in part, by Leroi.  I was infatuated, and in the past ten years I have been enriched by the Dave Matthews Band through listening to studio and live albums, as well as attending several concerts.

Losing Leroi is most certainly a tragedy for his family and friends; the unexpected loss of a loved one is always painful, especially when survived by a parent.  But since Leroi had pursued a career humbly making music in his stage-left comfort zone, his life touched many more from a professional standpoint.  And his death represents an irrecoverable loss for his musical peers.  The band will not be the same without the man who added color and texture to their music with his saxophones and other winds.

My heart and prayers go out to Leroi’s family, former fiance, and friends.  I think I speak for the entire DMB community in saying that we mourn with you, and will continue to do so anytime we hear a recording of Leroi doing what he loved.



  1. The Charlottesville, VA newspaper published this obituary, which is particularly touching and down-to-earth.

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