Posted by: mattbrownmusings | 2 May 2008


So I haven’t had much time for musing lately, seeing as my wife and I just closed on a house and we’ve been working on painting and fixing it up in every spare moment we’ve got.  But today I took the evening off and find myself catching up on computer-related items.  Which leads me to my mini-muse topic: my awesome squeezebox.

In the past I have wanted to listen to music via headphones while sitting at my computer.  Ordinarily I would be using my Audiophile 2496 sound card to run my PC audio through a halfway decent stereo, which I then either plug my headphones into or pipe through some halfway decent bookshelf speakers.  Well, in connection with the aforementioned house purchase, we are currently living in a temporary apartment, and in an effort to bring only the “necessities” I’m running my “simplified” PC setup – see below (no, I didn’t just sketch this up for the blog, I actually was trying to plan for how many power outlets I needed and whether I could get away with one power strip).


Anyway, my simplified setup is basically the same as my regular setup except I’m using the dinky speakers that came with the PC plugged into the factory sound card.  (Also, in the sketch note the “HD” and “Other HD” – my massive audio repository and backup drive, but still smaller than a breadbox.)  So, when I go to listen to my favorite losslessly compressed tunes via headphones, I get tons of PC noise in the background.  My workaround is to place the squeezebox directly next to the computer and listen to it, which is funny because the reason it’s cool is you don’t have to be chained to your PC.  But, I get crisp refreshing music for hours on end, so what could be better?

Currently playing: Guster’s Ruby Falls (love that mellow outro), plus had a surprising visit from Mike Gordon’s The Beltless Buckler earlier – how does he sing so low?


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